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Title: El Capo 3 Capitulo 22 and 23
Post by: TalkLeft on April 23, 2014, 09:06:26 PM
These were hard episodes to figure out without understanding the dialogue.

Kiara is so jealous of Bruna. What did Bruna say to her during their "talk"?

Why did the Colombia guerrillas let Capo leave and then go try to kill him?

Why did El Capo let the horses go but keep the cocaine? Why is he still shlepping it around? 

Why is Terry's girlfriend in jail? Why didn't he rescue her instead of just going to say hello?

It seems like at least two of  Nino Malo's men are traitors and working with the Italians who want him dead. It's strange to see the singer who helped Matilde in Senor de los Cielos (who was killed by Heriberto) show up as one of Malo's men.