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Title: El Capo 3, Capitulo 25
Post by: TalkLeft on April 29, 2014, 07:18:33 PM
Capitulo 25: Bruna and Velandia had a fight and she left with a suitcase to go take El Capo and the injured guy to El Capo's wife and daughter's house. The reunion was very emotional, but the wife and daughter were very unhappy that he asked them to take care of the injured guy, even though El Capo said he wasn't a narcotrafficker. For some reason, his daughter insisted her mother leave with her son. (Look for daughter Juliette and the injured guy to ultimately begin a relationship.)

The police and FBI were out in force in Mexico for the arrival of the five major cartel heads and their soldiers, who went to kill Nino Malo. El Capo's guys and Nino Malo were ready for the fight, but when they saw on TV the police showed up to ambush them and one of the leaders got captured, they turned on Malo and then the DEA agents who are now part of El Capo's gang. 

Questions: What happened between Bruna and Velandia? What is the deal between Velandia and the guy in his office he gives directions to?

Why did Juliette want her mother to take her son? Where would they go?

Is the captured guy a cartel leader or a lieutenant of Nino Malo who changed sides and decided to kill Nino Malo after he joined El Capo?  Who is the cartel guy who agreed to join Nino Malo and then wanted to kill the DEA agent?