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Title: El Capo 3 Capitulo 31 and 32
Post by: TalkLeft on May 07, 2014, 08:23:22 PM
Episode 32:

What did Bruna say to Velandia about their getting back together and what was his response?

What has  El Nino Malo agreed to do to help Terry rescue his wife? What is DEA Agent Richard's role?

Are El Nino Malo and Tyson (his angry buddy) brothers? Is Tyson a capo too?

It looks like the DEA has agreed to ship Pacifico Blanco's body back to Mexico so DEA Agent Mark can take credit with El Nino Malo and Tyson.

Why does MundoFox not have any information on the guy (who I call Sylvio, but I am not even sure that's his name now) who works for the chief Italian mafioso? He's been in so many episodes and seems like a key character, but there's nothing about him anywhere I can find. Maybe he dies very soon.

The junior capo holding Julieta is Valeriano or something like that.  The old capo who is helping El Capo rescue Julieta is Camelo.

Capitulo 31:

Julieta and el Pitre (the injured guy) are now officially in love. That wasn't hard to see coming.