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I can't make much sense out of Taaffe's statements.  I would have to hear a lot more details from him about his new view of the evidence that Zimmerman was reasonable in shooting Martin.  The NEN call makes it dubious, IMHO, that Zimmerman was racially profiling and even if he were, so what?   The most interesting thing he said in the past about the case was his little noted comments on a video with Dave Knechel that Martin followed Zimmerman to the Clubhouse instead of going home via a shortcut by the lake. 
that's really pathetic of him.

I'm going to move this topic to post trial news. Thanks for posting it.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3: Capitulos 33 and 34
« Last post by TalkLeft on May 10, 2014, 01:21:43 PM »
I finally have made it through two episodes with almost no questions, despite the lack of captions.

While I can never figure out what Bruna and Velandia are talking about, their actions usually give some clue. Tato is a bit more difficult, since he almost always has the same expression and he speaks in very low monotone.

Here's what I interpret happened in the two episodes, with my limited Spanish:

El Capo spared Valeriano, Julieta's kidnapper, because he wanted his political contacts in the Colombian government who were on the cartel's payroll, some for millions of dollars.  Julieta, Kiara and the female Colombian guerrilla commandante who defected to El Capo after falling for Tato, then got all dressed up and went to visit the government officials. They told the officials they had to endorse El Capo's OPAC plan or else they would publicly disclose they were in cahoots with the cartels. Word gets back to Jacob, the chief Mafioso in the Vatican,  who orders his top lieutenant Silvio to offer a blank check to anyone who takes El Capo out. It's the first time we've seen Jacob really angry, and he makes it clear as day to Silvio that El Capo must be killed.

After the old capo (Camello) aids El Capo in rescuing Julieta, Camello wants to kill the Valeriano for being a traitor. He and his men go to Finca Valeriano  where El he's being held captive by El Capo to kill him. El Capo and Tato intervene and tie up Camelo and his deputy in the same room with Valeriano. I think El Capo then lectured them on OPAC and either warning them not to interfere or offering them a chance to join him. Valeriano agreed but it seemed like Camello did not.

They removed the hankerchief stuffed in Camello's mouth for a minute and he screamed loud enough for his henchman outside to hear, and a huge gun battle ensued. These battles are so choreographed, they are fascinating to watch, like a dance. (One handed shooting, two handed shooting, cross handed shooting, pivot and behind the back shooting.) Almost all of Camello's men are killed. No one from Team Capo takes a hit.

Then a few more of Camello's men make their way into the room with the hostage capos and all of a sudden, the guns are on El Capo and Tato. As the men are preparing to shoot them, in come Kiara and Tato's commandante girlfriend, who shoot Camello's new arrivals in the back and they die.

But then, Valeriano's top aide, who had been shot during Valeriano's capture, is able to make his way back to the house, gun in hand. He gets into the room where Valeriano, Camello and Camello's top aide are tied up and shoots Camelo. El Capo promptly the shooter and goes to Camello, cradling his head in his hand as he dies. Tato unties Camelo's chief aide so he can be by Camello as he's dying. With his last few words, Camello tells the aide to join El Capo.

Meanwhile, El Pitre and Julietta are somewhere else in Valenciano's house, with the very heavy suitcases filled with gold and bundles of cash El Capo and Tato discovered in Valeriano's ranch. Sensing a battle about to begin, El Pitre and Julieta make there way up to another floor of the house which is concealed behind a very heavy bookcase or something. El Pitre then goes outside and shoots about 10 of Camello's men, with the same choreographed prescision.

There was also stuff happening at El Nino Malo's ranch in Mexico. They have been holding one of the guys responsible for kidnapping and threatening to kill Terry's wife, outside in the hot sun on his knees. El Nino Malo wants to kill him, but his brother Tyson (who I've called "the angry dude") stops him. So they slam him around some and spit on him. Seems like they want him to do something but I don't know what.

Pacifico Blanco's coffin arrives from the U.S., courtesy of the DEA agents embedded with El Capo and El Nino Malo. Terry proposes to his just released girlfriend.

Meanwhile Silvio calls Velandia whose face drains a bit during the call but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Then Silvio and a bunch of his men arrive at Velandia's and Velandia and Bruna, who just finished eating breakfast in bed, scramble, grab their guns and make a mad dash to the roof where they escape in another choreographed dance, using  ziplining type belts to scale down the walls of their house from the roof, run out to the street and jump in a cab.

They go to the place where El Capo and the others have been storing and breaking down the cocaine to give out in gram quantities for free. Bruna calls El Capo who is at Valeriano's ranch with the tied-up  Valerciano and Camello, but I can't make out what was said. Velandia and Bruna then make their way to V's ranch, I assume to warn El Capo about Silvio. El Capo doesn't look happy to see Velandia, and doesn't trust him. When Velandia says he's changed his mind and will support OPAC, El Capo warns him not to be doing it out of some "grand love" for Bruna.

Episode 34 ends with Silvio and carloads of his men arriving at Velariano's ranch to take out El Capo. El Capo is clearly exhausted from the battle just finished with Camello's men and sad that Camelo died. They know they are outnumbered. So they flee up into the secret floor where Julieta had been stashed. IValeriano points out a fax machine or something. They build a little bomb to blow up the house before the men enter. In the preview for Monday, El Capo and his group are fleeing across a field with the suitcases filled with Valeriano's gold and cash.

The description for Monday sounds ominous:

El Capo escapa de la mano invisible pero hay que entrar a la boca del lobo y hace falta un voluntario

I'm not sure what that means. El Capo escapes Jacob (el mano invisible) but has to enter the mouth of the wolf and lacks a volunteer?

All in all, two very exciting episodes.

I still find  it odd that it's so hard to find the name of the actor who plays Silvio on the MundoFox website. He's been a major character up until now. Even if he is killed soon, he still deserves some credit. He's also the only major gay character so far.

I apparently missed that El Capo knows Julietta and El Pitre are now an item and has given his approval.  I'm still not really clear on how El Pitre got involved with the Russians and Kiara in the first place, and what Kiara's relationship was with El Pitre. Or who Kiara was working for when she infiltrated the Russians to be with the blond one, Azimov. (Whatever happened to him, was he killed?)

Kiara seems to have tamed down her jealousy over Bruna and she and El Capo are back to being in love. Bruna also seems over El Capo from a romantic standpoint.

We haven't seen Isabel Christina in a few episodes -- I guess she's still hiding out with Julieta's son at her mother's house.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3 Capitulo 31 and 32
« Last post by TalkLeft on May 07, 2014, 08:23:22 PM »
Episode 32:

What did Bruna say to Velandia about their getting back together and what was his response?

What has  El Nino Malo agreed to do to help Terry rescue his wife? What is DEA Agent Richard's role?

Are El Nino Malo and Tyson (his angry buddy) brothers? Is Tyson a capo too?

It looks like the DEA has agreed to ship Pacifico Blanco's body back to Mexico so DEA Agent Mark can take credit with El Nino Malo and Tyson.

Why does MundoFox not have any information on the guy (who I call Sylvio, but I am not even sure that's his name now) who works for the chief Italian mafioso? He's been in so many episodes and seems like a key character, but there's nothing about him anywhere I can find. Maybe he dies very soon.

The junior capo holding Julieta is Valeriano or something like that.  The old capo who is helping El Capo rescue Julieta is Camelo.

Capitulo 31:

Julieta and el Pitre (the injured guy) are now officially in love. That wasn't hard to see coming.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulo 30
« Last post by TalkLeft on May 05, 2014, 08:45:40 PM »
What did Silvio use to threaten Velandia?

Why did Velandia burn the documents? The documents said El Capo's people were protected witnesses or in the witness protection program. Are these the documents El Capo got when he agreed to rescue the DEA chief's wife?  Did Velandia have the only copies?

Why did the old Capo agree to help Julieta, or did he?

Why did the sicario call off killing Terry's wife/girlfriend after El Nino Malo called? What did El Nino tell him?

Why did Velandia go to see El Capo? Why did El Capo thank him? Why was the DEA watching Velandia?

It seems like DEA agent Mark went to the U.S. to meet with higher-ups about returning the body of Pacifico Blanco to Mexico. He and Brandon have now disclosed that they have been conducting an unofficial investigation in which Mark and Richard are "embedded" with El Nino Malo. They want credibility with El Nino Malo. He also said he needed the DEA's lawyers to meet and negotiate certain things (I think he meant for El Nino Malo.) Looks like the advance photos of El Nino Malo and his brother at a funeral is going to be the funeral of Pacifico Blanco when his body is returned.

How is it that Silvio, who knows everything, didn't know that the cartel guy in Mexico had kidnapped Julietta, or that El Capo was distributing the OPAC packets in Mexico? It couldn't be just a coincidence that he picked this particular Mexcian cartel guy to visit from New York.

In the preview, the old Capo guy that El Capo visited is surrounded by a group of guys and says something like we're going to go kill a traitor. Who's the traitor? The guy holding Julieta?
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulo 28
« Last post by TalkLeft on May 02, 2014, 08:19:59 PM »
Julieta gets kidnapped.

Why are the FBI agents at Terry's party just watching them hand out the free drugs?

What did Velandia tell Bruna when she called him to help with Julieta's kidnapping?

I still haven't figured out who Nino Malo's angry buddy is.  Is it his brother (another son of Pacifico Blanco?)

Or who ordered Pacifico Blanco killed in jail and why? Or whether the NY DEA guy Brandon whose wife and kid were kidnapped is still on the side of the DEA or playing them. And whose side DEA agent Mark is on. Or why Julieta sent her mother and son to her grandmother's.

El Capo 3 / El Capo 3 Capitulo 27
« Last post by TalkLeft on May 01, 2014, 08:50:13 PM »
What is the point of the warning on the cocaine packets?

Why did El Capo go to see the other capo?
What did he and Bruna say to each other when leaving?

Why did Juliette decide to help?

Why did Nino Malo's friend get so upset?

What is Nino Malo's group intending to do?

Why did the DEA agent go to see the captured Mexican inmate in jail?
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulo 25
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 29, 2014, 07:18:33 PM »
Capitulo 25: Bruna and Velandia had a fight and she left with a suitcase to go take El Capo and the injured guy to El Capo's wife and daughter's house. The reunion was very emotional, but the wife and daughter were very unhappy that he asked them to take care of the injured guy, even though El Capo said he wasn't a narcotrafficker. For some reason, his daughter insisted her mother leave with her son. (Look for daughter Juliette and the injured guy to ultimately begin a relationship.)

The police and FBI were out in force in Mexico for the arrival of the five major cartel heads and their soldiers, who went to kill Nino Malo. El Capo's guys and Nino Malo were ready for the fight, but when they saw on TV the police showed up to ambush them and one of the leaders got captured, they turned on Malo and then the DEA agents who are now part of El Capo's gang. 

Questions: What happened between Bruna and Velandia? What is the deal between Velandia and the guy in his office he gives directions to?

Why did Juliette want her mother to take her son? Where would they go?

Is the captured guy a cartel leader or a lieutenant of Nino Malo who changed sides and decided to kill Nino Malo after he joined El Capo?  Who is the cartel guy who agreed to join Nino Malo and then wanted to kill the DEA agent?
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